Today’s world is fantastic, technological innovations are changing everyday the world we live in, accelerating and improving dramatically our daily life.

But from the day we are born, we are impacting our planet.

Our fragile eco-system is being devastated at fast pace due to the inertia created by post-industrial corporations and capitalist

systems that keep opaque supply chains for the sole benefit of the protection of their profits, putting aside the people that create and buy their products and services.

Every business, every product, every service, every person is different.

But rarely do we know anything about what we consume. This challenges our possibilities to make positive changes about what we buy and sell.

V.corp builds an interactive digital ecosystem that builds trust and helps prove the originality and authenticity of the products and services you buy and sell. Our technology and infrastructure tracks the journey of what you buy, sell and consume, from the ground.

“VIAAS”by V.corp

V.corp virtual digital infrastructure (Viaas) is an online platform that empowers the producers and the consumers, erasing the barriers between each step of the life of a product. We empower the people, allowing for truly transparent businesses and traceable products and services.

Our platform empowers the people to take the steps toward greater transparency by tracing the origins and creating the history of what they produce and sell. With our technology, anyone can easily gather and verify stories, keep them connected to physical items and embed them anywhere online and offline to get the most out of their value.

“ViaaS” is a framework for knowledge. We are building genuine connections between the people that want to trade things. We are not claiming for any “fair-trade”, “ethical”, “organic” or “sustainable” label, but we are striving to our commitment to bring fully open, accessible information for the products and services you buy and sell.


We use peer reviews and ratings and our platform acts as a technological trust broker to bring real time and compliant information about each step of the supply chain.


V.corp technology can be easily added to each step of the supply chain, in a pragmatic way to reinforce your brand awareness and trust, bringing a new dimensions to product and service labelling.


“ViaaS” platform opens a digital door to any tangible product and services. It creates a new kind of digital passport to authenticate key information and build a full story of what you buy, giving you access to a verifiable transparent and authentic information.


V.corp enables and open the doors for an improved collaboration at all the steps of the supply chain. Our full traceability allows to create a new kind of meaningful collaboration between the producers, suppliers, retailers, governmental and non governmental agencies and the end consumer. Digital information are put to the best use to imagine a new collaboration economy that values what each person makes and do.


We are building a future where every tangible product and services builds its own digital history. Bringing conscious to the people by allowing you to trace and verify its origins, attributes and ownership.

V.corp “ViaaS” platform erases the barriers between the producers and the consumers. We all become an integral part of the supply chain as we all consume or produce value. Our platform allows people to create their digital identity and value, to make themselves, their product and their supply chain fully transparent and traceable and build a new digital trust and value.


We focus on three kinds of data system to achieve our goals. A transparency tool that assemble image, identity and location to create a full personal profile history for each product, service and person. Our traceability tool confirms identities and attributes in a tracking system that works throughout the supply chain. And finally, our digital currency brings a new trust and collaborative tool to valorize and channel transactions within our platform.


ViiaS allows integrations between physical and digital products and services. We use smart tags and labelling that can be embedded into any physical and digital item and opens the door to a new online world when our Mobile App is used to identify V.corp products and services.


ViiaS is build using a new kind of data system called blockchain. This revolutionary technology allows for securely stored information that are fully auditable, open, yet entirely secured and unchangeable. This allows us to build a open protocol for product and services that can already be implemented today, while letting us improve our technology with the continuous integration of new monitoring tools and added value services focused on vertical industries.

As of today, centralized control data systems and certifications are the only way to power a system of trust for products and services but it doesn’t allow anyone to access those datas, relying only in a system based on the economical trust of “certified” companies.

Blockchain changes this fundamentally, allowing to reinvent and rethink entire industries to build a trustworthy, open, transparent and de-centralized system. At V.corp, we are disrupting how we value the products and services we consume by bringing full traceability and transparency of everything we consume, empowering everyone at any step of the supply chain.